Containers Available
Asia Pacific: 13754313%
WC North America: 86322-4%
North Europe: 278417%
EC South America: 152436%
EC North America: 195434%
WAF: 8576-6%
WC South America: 1478911%
MED: 16817-2%
Oceania: 12833-7%

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Capacity as a Commodity

We help importers and exporters find the best shipping rates for ocean full container operations (FCL). We work with hundreds of forwarders and ocean lines to get you the best rate in the spot market.

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Transparent Pricing

ARBUE USMIA 4 40 Standard Week 40 RFQ Sent
PECLL MXZLO 1 20 Standard Week 40 $ 1,230
HKHKG ARBUE 3 40 Standard Week 40 $ 9,700
CLVAP CNSHA 2 40 Reefer Week 40 $ 780
BRSSZ NLRTM 5 40 Standard Week 40 $ 1,760
ECGYE CNNGB 3 40 Reefer Week 39 $ 670
UYMVD NLRTM 3 40 Standard Week 39 $ 1,350
COCTG USLGB 5 40 Reefer Week 39 $ 1,860
CNNGB BRRIG 2 45 High Cube Week 39 $ 9,350
HKHKG CLSAI 1 40 Standard Week 39 $ 6,500
PECLL CNSHA 3 40 Reefer Week 38 $ 820

Real Quotes

Information is key to navigate opaque and volatile markets. We show the latest quotes to facilitate "Price Discovery" and analyze market sentiment. We update the Spot values weekly that includes freight plus surcharges applied at the time of loading. Keeping track of the global container market on main trade routes to help you plan and optimize your international operations. Always transparent.

Spot Market

Container Index (FBX)

mercado spot

Asia - US West Coast

Asia - North Europe

Asia - East Coast South America

Asia - US East Coast

Europe - US East Coast

Europe - West Coast South America

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No. This is a "forwarder of forwarders". At FletBox we help you find the best price on the market. Instead of sending dozens of RFQs, with a single click you can receive the best rate in your email, saving time and money.

Did you know that for the same trip, on the same ship, with the same Carrier there can be up to USD 500 of difference between forwarders? There are many factors that influence the pricing of a container, such as volume for certain traffic, availability, relationship with the shipping company, cost structure. There are forwarders that are competitive in one traffic, and not in others. We help you see who is who and anonymously! We only send you one email, if you don't like the price, you won't get any other communication.

We could quote you in less than 30 minutes. You will receive a confirmation mail, and then our quote follows.

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